JEFF BROWN (director, writer) began his theatrical career playing the letter “y” in the first grade pageant. His career has gone downhill ever since. Formerly Entertainment Director at Great America theme park, Jeff now spends his days as a volunteer for the TCSD, both at events and as a member of the Board. Halloween and Christmas are his passions, and his house on Jean Street has become notorious for holiday decorations.


JOHN BYRNE BARRY (actor) was a writer/performer with the Plutonium Players (a.k.a. Ladies Against Women), a 1980s political comedy troupe. He is author of two novels, Bones in the Wash: Politics is Tough. Family is Tougher, and Wasted: Murder in the Recycle Berkeley Yard. In the summer, he volunteers for Creekside Fridays in Tam Valley.



SHANNON BROWN (actor). This is Shannon’s 5th Rhubarb. She’s currently studying at the College of Marin. She has many interests including gaming, singing and sign language. She’s been acting for years, and she loves it!



CAROL BUTLER (actor, choreographer, dancer) left New York just so she could audition for The Rhubarb and so many wonderful things followed: four grandchildren, therapy practice, choreographer of the Carol Butler Dancers and she hooked Bill.



THE CAROL BUTLER DANCERS Performing with Carol this year are Megan Shumaker, Emily King, Kate Zawistowski, Susan Kenny, and Alex Brownell.

KAREN CLINTON (actor) is a former television anchor, currently works for U.S. Performing Arts and has appeared in numerous Murder Mysteries and Rhubarb Revues.


TOM DAVEY (actor) has made a fool of himself in countless goofy roles while appearing in every Rhubarb Revue since 2002. He has also appeared in most of the Murder Mystery shows at the Tam Valley Community Center and at the Mill Valley Golf Course Clubhouse. During the day, Tom is a real estate broker, investor and property manager.



CASSANDRA FIMRITE (actor) is proud to say this is her 11th Rhubarb Revue. As part of the Tam Valley Players, she also performs in the annual murder mystery dinner shows and co-produces The Jolly Jingles. Acting is a fun addition to her busy life as mother of two teenagers.



BILL LEEMAN (actor) worked the big shows on Broadway in New York for years (first as a custodian, and later as a panhandler) before he decided to come west to do a little slumming. This is his 5th Rhubarb.


MICK MITROVICH (actor) has lived in and around Tam Valley since 1972. His involvement with local community theater began in 2008 shortly after his retirement as a conductor for the Union Pacific Railroad. He has performed in a variety of roles in the past eleven Tam Valley Murder Mystery productions. This show will be Mick's sixth Rhubarb.





This is BARBARA ROBERTS’ (actor) eighth year with the Rhubarb. A local plastics company CEO, Barbara is also a singer/songwriter and enjoys flexing her “silly” muscles on stage for this musical/comedy revue. She has lived in beautiful Marin county since she was four years old.


LINDA SCHANFEIN (actor, dancer) is happy to be performing in 2018 Rhubarb Revue 55. Linda has performed in the Murder Mystery and Sausalito Players for many years and in the Rhubarb Revue more years than she can count. She loves the creativity and zaniness we bring to the stage. Linda has an MBA and an Executive Certificate in Sustainable Enterprise from Dominican University to help make our planet a better place to live for the future.



This is JULI STEWART’S (actor, singer) eighth Rhubarb. She recently appeared in Tam Valley's Murder Mystery Theatre . She has appeared in numerous musical theater productions including Funny Girl, Wonder Years, Once Upon a Mattress and the 1940s Radio Hour. Juli performs in Cabaret nights in Sausalito at the Cruising Club and hopefully soon around Marin with her jazz trio.




MIKE STEWART (stage manager) After years of enjoying watching his wife and the rest of the cast from the audience, Mike is happy to help out from behind the curtain. 


BARRY WASSERMAN (actor, singer) is a seasoned veteran of the Rhubarb Revue performing a variety of roles during the past 17 years, most notably impersonating Rodney Dangerfield.  He has also appeared in many Murder Mystery Dinner shows here in Tam Valley and has performed in various plays with the Sausalito Players.  Barry has also directed several plays at the Sausalito Woman’s Club.


ABBY YOUNG (actor, writer, director) This is Abby’s sixth Rhubarb Review. Some of her favorite characters have included Phyllis Diller, Sarah Palin, a wicked witch, God, and a Smurf. By day, Abby works at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, teaching people how to “Spare the Air Every Day.”